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Loading a shot with WR225
WR225 Specification
WR 225 is characterized by its excellent water resistance, clean fumes (no sulphur), dark coloration and presence of
microballoons in the formulation.  WR 225 premix can be used with bulk equipment for on site operations.
Water Resistance
The WR 225 premix allows for a more economical means to achieve good water resistance for WR blasting applications.
WR 225 may be the best choice for bulk applications where WR is mixed onsite and immediately loaded into boreholes.  WR
225 also provides good water resistance for plant-mix-setups.  Although WR 225 was designed for bulk WR applications in
light and medium water conditions, WR 225 has also produced very good results  in 3-5” boreholes.  WR 225 gives a water
resistance reading of 105-115 g on the Adtec water-resistance scale.  (See water-resistance testing information)
WR 225 is a clean-burning product.  Fumes from detonation are similar to those from common anfo.  Other premixes may
contain sulphur, which may produce sulphur dioxide as a result of detonation.  Sulphur dioxide is considered undesirable
when blasting takes place near residential areas or underground.
The WR 225 premix is dark in color, similar to other Adtec products.  The dark coloration is an important visual aid, helping to
identify the presence of the water-resistant agents and the evenness of the coating.  Should bridging of the additive occur
during mixing, the color of the finished product will change and immediately identify the problem.  Additionally, the coloration
agent helps identify “spotty” mixes, which indicates the need to improve the mixing process.
WR 225 is a 7% additive to anfo (7% premix and 93% anfo), which is designed for onsite bulk applications with a truck or
stationary onsite plant.  The ammonium nitrate is first oiled to only 3.5-4.0% and mixed thoroughly.  When the prills are
evenly coated with oil, the premix is added and mixed until the prills are evenly coated. (See Mixing Info)
Density:  50 lb/cubic ft
Packaging:  50# bags, bulk sacks
Shipping: Common Carrier, non-hazardous material
Velocity of Detonation: 4-7% higher then anfo in similar borehole size
Key Benefits of WR225
  • Designed for bulk applications
  • Offers good Water Resistance
  • Economical
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